2016 m. vasario 10 d. / Lietuviška versija 

Usefull Links
  • Main Institutions
  • Institutions subordinate to the Ministry
  • Foreign Ministries of Justice
  • International Institutions / Organisations
  • Non-governmental institutions
  • Mass Media

  • Main Institutions

    President‘s Office – http://www.president.lt

    Seimas (Parliament) - http://www.lrs.lt

    Government - http://www.lrv.lt

    The Constitutional Court – http://www.lrkt.lt/

    The Supreme Court – http://www.lat.litlex.lt/

    The Supreme Administrative Court - http://www.lvat.lt

    The Chief Administrative Disputes Commission - http://www.vagk.lt/

    Ministry of Environment - http://www.am.lt/

    Ministry of Finance - http://www.finmin.lt

    Ministry of National Defence - http://www.kam.lt/

    Ministry of Culture - http://www.muza.lt/

    Ministry of Social Security and Labour - http://www.socmin.lt/

    Ministry of Transport - http://www.transp.lt/

    Ministry of Health - http://www.sam.lt/

    Ministry of Education and Science - http://www.smm.lt/

    Ministry of Economy - http://www.ekm.lt/

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs - http://www.urm.lt/

    Ministry of Interior - http://www.vrm.lt/

    Ministry of Agriculture - http://www.zum.lt/

    Notary Chamber – http://www.notarai.lt/

    Council of the Lithuanian Bar Association - http://www.advoco.lt

    The Bank of Lithuania - http://www.lb.lt/

    European Committee - http://www.euro.lt

    European Law Department - http://www.etd.lt/

    Special Investigation Service - http://www.stt.lt/

    State Security Department - http://www.vsd.lt/

    The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Lithuania - http://www.lrgp.lt/

    State Tax Inspectorate - http://www.vmi.lt/

    State Labour Inspectorate - http://www.vdi.lt/

    State Social Insurance Fund Board - http://www.sodra.lt/

    Migration Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs - http://www.migracija.lt/

    Competition Council - http://www.konkuren.lt/

    State Data Protection Inspectorate - http://www.ada.lt/